Smart Action Camera HD1080P

Smart Action Camera HD1080P

Smart Action Camera HD1080P

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You don’t want to get home from an amazing holiday to find that your camera couldn’t keep up, right?

Gone are the days of heavy and unwieldy camcorders. With a GiniGood Mini Sport Action Camera you get the best features.  Being smaller and lighter, you can literally use this camera anywhere, anytime.  And there's more:  The GiniGood Mini Sport Action Camera is waterproof, drop-resistant and dust-proof!  It is the ideal gift for somebody who loves the outdoors and really gets into the action!


Shoots HD video so that your videos can be played on smart TV’s, smartphones, YouTube, projectors and computers for studio-quality video playback – the last thing you want is to have epic footage swimming with turtles only to find out the at the video quality is so poor that your recording is barely visible.


Benefits & Features


Waterproof up to 50m so you can record video footage take amazing footage of your snorkelling adventures or even in the pool having underwater fun


Fully protected from tiny dust particles offering maximum flexibility when recording in a wide variety of settings and environments.


Fully protected from high impact collisions thanks to the heavy-duty, high shock absorbent protective housing.


Secure to a wide range of surfaces thanks to the powerful integrated magnetic mount allowing for spontaneous mounting and capturing moments within a moments notice.


Record your footage via the integrated WLAN functionality so you don’t have to fiddle with the action camera while doing something that requires both hands.


The integrated H62 sensor can activate a low light mode for capturing studio-quality footage at night.


Built with 5 photosensitive lenses, made with high grade reinforced glass, that adjusts the amount of light being captured for professional studio-quality action footage




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