Long lasting Lash Lengthening Tool Set

Long lasting Lash Lengthening Tool Set

Long lasting Lash Lengthening Tool Set

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↓ Do you also have the following feelings?
Many sisters are helpless, mascara is not good,
But also to unload, false eyelashes are not good and too low~
So for the sake of convenience, they all started grafting eyelashes.
In this way, the usual eyeliner does not need to draw, and make a bottom out.
The eyes are as sultry as the gods. Grafting eyelashes is really a must for lazy people~
Therefore, I am a long-term lazy cancer party.

But many people reflect that the eyelashes that have just been grafted have dropped a lot in a few days!
It looks awkward! No rules or beauty! Also very funny!
Especially when looking down at the eyes, it is really ugly!

Eyelash grafting can generally last for 25-35 days.
Some people can only fall off after 10-15 days.

↓ Today, we will give you a solution.
In the end, how can the eyelashes keep the eyelashes in the best condition!
Don't use one by one, direct brush.
Fast, convenient and effective! ! !

The contrast is very obvious, it feels that our love is more beautiful.
And no matter how many days the eyelashes are still so bulling
Magic eyelash
Our family loves to experience it for themselves.
Observed a week of renderings
Magic eyelashes 520 brush once a tube for 30 days, no need to brush mascara for one month,
Very natural long eyelashes~
The most cattle can arbitrarily blink!

1.Clean the eyes
2. Stick the eye patch and attach the eyelid tape
3. Shake it before using the magic eyelashes. The brush can be directly used with a small cotton swab. You can use the eyelash curler before the real eyelashes.
4. Dry it with a small blower after each brushing
5. No pain, no eyes, Magic Eyelash 520 non-grafting, about 20 minutes in one operation, enjoy 30 days of beauty, no makeup, waterproof.