GiniGood Beauty Brush last generation

GiniGood Beauty Brush last generation

GiniGood Beauty Brush last generation

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 GiniGood LTD offer hairbrush last generation to resolve multiple problems.

Problem A:  Hair Hair Tangles and prone to Static electricity 

The daily activities such as brushing or towel-drying strip your hair of negative ions. When there are only positive ions in the hair, causing problems such as flyaway, frizz, and static.

This is where our GiniGood hairbrush can help. They emit ions into your hair to restore the balance of positive and negative ions and make your hair shiny, smooth, frizz-free, and manageable. That’s what we all dream of!


  • Seals and smoothen split ends: The negative ions bond with hair to close off broken hair cuticles.
  • Makes hair softer and shinier: GiniGood Ionic hair brushes lock in moisture to hair strands. The result is a shiny, soft, and healthy hair.
  • Minimize heat damage. Our Ionic hair brushes speed up hair drying time, so you’re least likely to end up with burned hair or scalp.
  • Eliminate frizz. Again, this hairbrushes bring back the lost negative ions to your hair, land so help eliminate frizz and reducing static.

What do the results look like?

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Problem B:  Fatigue, stress, insomnia 

  • Simply press the button, the massaging comb vibrates
  • High-frequency vibration up to 6000 times/minute help balance scalp oil metabolism
  • Great for relaxing, releasing stress and promoting head’s blood circulation
  • Can Improve Sleep and Help You Combat Fatigue and Feel More Energetic
  • The massaging benefit of the brush helps keep your scalp healthy and your hair follicles stimulated
  • Made from soft silicone that massage the important acu-points of the head.



Problem C: Hair split easily and Dry

  • Micro-sprayer can be combined with any of oil for hair treatment (Argan oil, coconut oil, vitamine "E" oil ...)  products moisturizes without dampness, leaving your hair with a soft pliable touch.
  • This advanced technology is able to penetrate deep in cortex of the hair.
  • Boosts hydration and shine frees hair from frizz and flyaway's, vitamin is also misspelle



1x  Beauty Brush
1x Mini Hydration and Shine
1x USB charging cable
1x Refill dispenser bottle
1x Menu