Foldable Trash Can

Foldable Trash Can

Foldable Trash Can

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During food preparation, did you ever feel the need to throw away excess food, but the trash can was not in a convenient place for you? Or when you try to throw away excess waste or spill it, or is it just a hassle to deal with? Let us solve your problem. Our new folding bin offers customers the opportunity to make the kitchen and many different areas more convenient. There are many different ways this Collapsible Hanging Trash can be used.

Its great creative design, foldable wall mounted, is very suitable for kitchen cabinets with a thickness of 2.2 cm. These trash cans are suitable for your closet, it is 24cm x 16cm x 25cm / 10x6.9x11.26 inches. They are made of high quality plastic and elastic rubber, non-toxic and tasteless material, also of high quality and thick. 


1. It has a practical and creative design, by having an easy hanging design over the cabinet door, it can quickly and accurately dispose of trash; in when cutting vegetables.

2.Its design is folding thus very practical at the any moment to save space, as well as suitable for confined spaces.

3. This trash can is not only suitable for the kitchen, but also for the bedroom, bathroom, office, and car. It can be where you want.

4.The trash can is made of high-quality materials, it can carry more than 50 kg of weight. You don't have to worry about it falling off.

5.Use it in the car, put an umbrella in the rainy day, or you can also store snacks and/or put trash.

6.It allows you to keep your bathroom clean and tidy. And it also works very well with reusable grocery bags.

7. It is very easy to install. (First, open the folded trash can; then put the garbage bag.)

Secure the bag with the ring, then align the position and hang; that easy.