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Drum Kit Air Electronic Drum Set with Light

$119.99 $199.99
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💞BLUETOOTH CONNECTION AND TRANSMISSION: Adopted advanced Somatosensory technology connected, the virtual drum set will "generate in the air". Our electronic drum set has low latency that produces you a real play feel.when you hit the drum.
💞SILENT IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE: You can hear the beat, see the beat and feel the beat. The digital drum set vibrates differently for each drum and varies its intensity based on how hard you are playing. The harder or softer you play, our drum kit responds with a corresponding vibration, which allows you to better focus on the actions of your drummin.
💞RHYTHMIC WITH COLORFUL LIGHT UP: A rhythmic LED beam corresponds with your playing and lights up each time you hit a drum. Like the vibrations, the lights will dynamically reflect the intensity of your drumming, glowing brighter when hit harder and less bright when played softly.
💞PORTABLE AND WIDE USING: It’s a trendy and cool musical toy, relying on advanced somatosensory technology; it can accurately identify the hit position of the drum stick, instantly match the drum sound on the audio equipment, and can synchronously play any music you choose as BGM. It can be sports and entertainment equipment for non-musical toys and also be a portable practice device for professional drum players.