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Ball Magnet Massager Face (price Amazon : 23.76$)

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  • Introducing the latest magnetic vibration and ion: This ion-infused beauty device has been popular in the TV, net, and beauty industry. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the serum fluid, this beauty device is created by the latest technology "magnetic vibration" and "red light ester", which can be used daily for a long period of time to achieve the effectiveness of serum fluid.
  • Reverse Magnetic Technology and High Penetration: Not only is it a pleasant facial massage, but it also has a vibration function of 10,000 times per minute that is comfortable to the skin, and the resilience called the anti-magnetism of magnets, it penetrates the beauty liquid to your skin quickly, and firmly improve the penetration rate of cosmetic water more than 10 times.
  • Red Light Care: The large diameter round massage head has a large area that touches the skin, and the red light ester with 622nm ¬Ī 10nm wavelength promotes collagen production and blood circulation, quickly removes waste and dead cells from the cell tissue, improves pigment deposition, eliminates dullness, sagging, and spinning lines and returns elasticity to the skin.
  • ‚̧NATURAL MAGNETS & EYE CARE: The facial surface is equipped with natural magnets on the tip of the facial, can also be focused care of wrinkles and regulations that are concerned about the eyes and mouth, while also introducing magnetism, such as magnetizing the beauty ingredients such as cream into the skin (to the exfoliating layer), improving the eye fatigue.
  • Intelligent Sensor: Touch and ON/OFF: This intelligent human body micro current switch automatically activates the beauty device by holding the electrode on the handle, or touching the contact electrode on your face; Compact size fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, so you can use it anywhere, making it easy to continue!

Brand Name: Anlan
Power Source: Dry Battery
Battery Capacity: AAA battery(shipping without battery)
Material: Plastic
Size: 6.2*4.6*2cm
Standard Voltage: 110V-220V
Color: White
Material 2: Stainless steel, Magnet
Vibration Frequency: 10000 RPM
Weight: 40g